Every MiscoiPipe is handmade and crafted very precisely from the best materials available today. By buying a MiscoiPipe you are guaranteed to receive a luxury item and an excellent smoking instrument that will delight you for many years to come.

Customer satisfaction is really important to me and my mission is to help you create exciting and lasting happiness every time you smoke a MiscoiPipe.

I’m very confident that you will LOVE your new MiscoiPipe but if for any reason you don't I will be happy to offer you a full 100% refund within 7 days of your original purchase no questions asked. I might invite you to provide feedback on how to improve my product. All feedback positive or not will be appreciated!

The Best



I mostly use well aged Italian briar from Mimmo.


I use German ebonite for all my hand cut stems.


Different materials: nuts, horn, exotic wood etc.


I'm using at least 5000 Year Old morta (bog oak) wood.

Olive wood

Only quality and textured olive wood used in my pipes.


I'm using well cured buddha belly and root bamboo.

Discover the


  • Materials selection

    Every MiscoiPipe begins from a handpicked piece of wood. This is a very important step and it defines a quality and aesthetics of the future pipe.

  • Design

    Every MiscoiPipe is carefully designed to satisfy even the most picky collector and pipe smoker. At this stage both external aesthetics and internal aspects are taken into consideration.

  • Engineering

    Years of research and experimentation allowed to develop a pipe that not only looks beautiful, but also smokes perfectly.

  • Crafting

    Every MiscoiPipe is precisely handcrafted using the traditional methods.By choosing a MiscoiPipe you are guaranteed to receive a high quality smoking instrument.


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